DoubleDouble is an audiovisual production company, located in Brussels. We produce branded content films, commercials and motion design films.

We love strong storytelling, connecting people with brands.
Our expertise combines a deep understanding of production with the power of bringing a brand’s vision and story to life.
We work for local and international creative agencies and businesses, making films that people really want to see and will remember.

Creative production runs through our veins

Our founder, Laurent Stine, is a Belgian, Brussels based director.
His passion for visual storytelling is our north star for everything we do.
Get a sneak peek of his portfolio here.

The DoubleDouble podcast (in French)

DoubleDouble has launched a podcast series where we meet with Belgian professionals that contribute to the magic of film production.



Film and sustainability

We embed sustainability across our productions, whenever possible.
It is our purpose to use our business to make a sustainable future irresistible for all. We believe that strong narratives have the power to inspire people to change and take action.
Are you looking for a different approach to communicate your ESG Strategy? Book an Inspiration Session to imagine the Script for Change.
Contact if you wish to learn more.

We are an award winning company:

Cannes Corporate 

Medias and TV awards

Gold Dolphin ( 1 )
Marketing Commu. B2B
The incredible Journey of BigBert
Atlas Corpo, 2017

Black edition Dolphin ( 1 )
Production Arts & Crafts “Best script”
The incredible Journey of BigBert
Atlas Corpo, 2017

Silver Dolphin ( 2 )
Fundraising, Non profit, CSR
Fight together against cancer
La Fondation Saint Luc, 2017

Catégorie Corporate
La Course Poursuite, 2012

Belgian Corporate

Video Festival

Award (4)
The incredible Journey of BigBert
Atlas Corpo, 2018

Grand Prix Corporate Communication
Sign For Humanity
Amnesty International, 2018

Catégorie “Image Non-Profit”
Sign For Humanity
Amnesty International , 2018

Catégorie Corporate Image (Profit) – 
“The Legacy of Ernest Solvay. 
A trip around a name.”
Solvay, 2014


Green Awards

Prix spécial du ministère de la culture français
Sign for Humanity
Amnesty International, 2017

Green Award d’Or
The incredible Journey of BigBert
Atlas Corpo, 2017

Totem d’Or
Life is about movement
ACI Europe, 2015

Grand Prix de la politique audiovisuelle 
et environnementale de collectivité
“Pour une région en mouvement”
Bruxelles Mobilité, 2012

Asteria d’Or
Catégorie Eco-Mobilité
“Pour une région en mouvement”
Bruxelles Mobilité, 2012

And many more...