Life is about movement

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Globetrotting and not greenhouse-gassing!

The Briefing

The Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, initiated by Airports Council International (ACI), is proud of its figures. It independently assesses the efforts airports make to manage and reduce their CO2 emissions so they know where they stand.

ACI wanted to produce a film that would strengthen their brand identity, boost public awareness and inspire more airports to join the initiative. They spare no effort for clients that are committed to environmental sustainability! But rather than figures, the ACI decided to focus on a helicopter view of their work.

The story we wanted to tell

Our goal was to present the relevant issues and their solutions in a clear and logical way.
We did this by creating an engaging film designed to offer broad appeal.

Instead of focusing on facts and figures, we used powerful metaphors from nature and daily life: leaves falling from a tree, loading bars, a Newton’s cradle – all minimalist visuals that highlight the theme of efficiency. Superfluous details are, in the end, as unnecessary as excess CO2.

Gold Deauville 2015

Totem d’Or
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“Life is about movement”
ACI Europe, 2015

We wanted to create emotion using geometry, to represent emotions through very simple scenes that would give the viewer a heightened sensory experience.

Rafael, Art Director

The creative process

We used a mixture of 2D and 3D techniques.

A “physics engine” was used to ensure the realistic movement of the various elements, simulating explosions, fracturing and the effects of gravity.

In terms of colour, we used a range of greys, with touches of green, yellow, and blue to reflect the brand’s own colours and highlight the key messages.

The music echoes the rhythm of movement whilst the sound effects add realism to the CG images, harmonising and enhancing the different elements of the film into a compelling whole.


The project was devised to be shown at events and congresses worldwide as well as on social media.

We successfully created a film that had real impact and effectively reinforced the branding of ACA. More and more airports are joining this initiative and multilingual adaptations are now in production to reach an ever-wider audience.

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