Production services

DoubleDouble is an experienced film production company nestled in Brussels. 

Our passionate team possesses an intimate understanding of the local landscape, an extensive network of industry professionals, and the expertise to handle every aspect of your production and post-production. 

But we are more than just a film production company. We mirror your aspirations, becoming your double. We take pride in providing perfect execution and seamless production services for international film projects. We listen, understand, quote and put into action. We are here to welcome you and work together so you will return to your base with satisfaction, no surprise, no stress.

Your contact

Michel de Wouters has tremendous experience and industry knowledge in production and service production. Back in Belgium after many years in South Africa, Michel is your direct point of contact for service production, ready to answer your inquiries and discuss your project requirements.

You can contact Michel

send a mail ›   +32 2 503 21 30   +32 475 41 93 91