Test Sustainability

Our transition

DoubleDouble is in the process of being assessed for the B-Corp label. This label certifies companies with a positive societal and environmental impact. We have therefore begun our transition to more sustainable production by implementing a series of measures aimed at reducing our carbon impact.

Several elements will be considered in a sustainable direction. By avoiding over-packaging, waste and consumables, the craft services of the shooting will favour local products, short circuits, organic and fair trade labels. We invite you to bring your own water bottle, if you don’t have one we will provide you with one on site.

You can play a role in this transition

About the materials you use, we suggest that you think about having as little ecological impact as possible. For example, rent or reuse rather than buy and build. Think about sourcing locally, recycling and opting for digital media, which consume little energy. Opt for eco-labelled products when you can and limit consumables. Each profession that makes up the shoot can have its own more responsible alternatives, think about it !

On the road!

On the road to eco-production ! When it’s possible, depending on your location and your equipment, opt for public transport to get to the shoot, or carpool.

Let's do it!

We know that this requires effort from all of us and that it is not always easy. But we are convinced that together we can change small actions that will have a big impact on our future. We hope that these initiatives will eventually become the norm for audio-visual productions like ours!

Any questions?