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Video loops for Facq showrooms

The Briefing

Facq is the biggest sanitary store chain in Belgium. With 16 showroom locations in the country, Facq is now opening a new flagship store in Merelbeke.

They asked us to develop a video loop concept for a giant flatscreen that welcomes customers, along with pictures to be printed on large boards within the store.

The story we wanted to tell

As water is at the heart of Facq’s business, we proposed a concept to make a clear link between Facq and nature. We produced six films that come with a surprise twist. Each starts with close-ups of a bathroom moment, and at the end of the film we discover that this is happening in the middle of nature.

We wanted to create a little moment of poetry. To let customers enter their bathroom dream.

Victor Joie, producer.


The shooting was a real challenge, as we had to bring bathroom elements but also significant amounts of water to the middle of nowhere. Location scouting was the key to success, as we wanted to create a virgin natural look for the last shot of each film. In one single day, we travelled from the plains to the sea via the forest.  Shooting with the capricious Belgian weather was also a challenge and we had to seize our moments.


Each film is a very short story of a simple moment. A dreamlike moment of pleasure that we wanted to convey, starting with a close-up and finishing with a very large travelling shot in the middle of nature.


The primary use of the films is for a giant vertical flatscreen, so the films have been specifically designed for that exact format. But we have also produced a regular format for other broadcasts, which includes relaxing music and sound design.

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