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The Briefing

The European Group of Valuers’ Associations, TEGOVA, thanks to our friends at Hoet&Hoet, has now a new graphic identity. Gathering real estate experts and editing European Valuation Standards, TEGOVA works for standards, ethics and quality in the real estate valuation market. Tough competition in their sector appealed for a strong and inspirational rebranding — and alongside a brand new identity, a message that reflects confidence and expertise.

The story we wanted to tell

Evaluation is more than what we see at first look. For TEGOVA, evaluation is going further. A building is not just a building, a house is not just a house, a business is not just a business. Many parameters have to be taken into accounts. This is what we express in the film through a series of metaphors directly linked to the TEGOVA universe. The copy was also essential. We didn’t want to be didactic but to create an emotional build-up around the brand.

The main challenge was to break away from a purely corporate discourse and manage to generate emotion with a very B to B subject.

Laurent Stine, film director.


In such a film, we always try to attract the audience’s attention through strong visuals. As the story is very specific and dry, we need to take the hand of the viewer to capture his attention from the first picture. The opening sequence is deliberately intriguing. We enter a dreamlike universe that mixes studio shots and full nature captures. Then we are gradually getting closer to the reality of TEGOVA’s members.
Due to the COVID circumstances, all pictures have been shot in Belgium with an international flavour.


We mixed different techniques to create the different visual worlds. For example, we filmed a deer in the Ardennes, then manipulated it in 3D and integrated it into another setting.
Sound is also a primordial element. In addition to music, we paid particular attention to sound design. It literally carries the story and creates a strong emotional impact.


The first screening of the film opened the international convention organized in may 2021 to present TEGOVA’s new identity.
We also produced three short versions of the film for social networks. The production of shorter formats with the main film material provides a return on investment and extends the life of the film.

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