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John Cockerill

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The Briefing

In 2019, the Belgian industrial group CMI is changing their name to John Cockerill. Despite having a presence on every continent, and being active in many industrial areas such as solar power plant construction, offshore wind turbine maintenance, train production and water treatment plants, the company had a slightly outdated image. So in 2019, they reveal a complete rebranding: new name, new graphic identity, new website, new tone of voice. The goal is to assert a stronger, more modern, more human identity. To mark the occasion, CMI wanted to produce a film that expresses this renewal.

The story we wanted to tell

We don’t change our name every day. You need to speak in a different way, to present the company differently. Our approach has been to express change and audacity. To highlight strong emotions, showing that John Cockerill is ready to face challenges and that the future is already here. To also show a human face, that of society and the company. That of customers and employees.

I wanted viewers to be so marked by the strong images of the film that John Cockerill would stay in their minds long afterwards.

Laurent Stine, film director


The film is built around a series of powerful scenes. We wanted the images to create strong impressions. This is why we have imagined visual atmospheres that allow confrontation: a human faced with an obstacle; the immensity of nature or the strength of an animal.

We shot in natural scenery in Belgium, at sea, in the air, or underground.


Some sequences have been finalised in post-production to create a little magic.

The editing is a narrative climb to reach to reach the revelation of the new company name.

We particularly worked on the sound design to increase the power of the image. It reinforces the music and supports different transitions.


The film was premiered to a VIP audience at the unveiling of the company’s new name. It is used on the company’s websites and on their social media in French and English.

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