Triodos Bank


The voice of the customers

The Briefing

Triodos Bank wanted to launch an advertising campaign to highlight its investment products. A challenging project since they operate in a very competitive market.  How do you stand out in this context? By making a series of video portraits of real customers.The videos needed to convey a simple message and, at the same time, to appeal to emotions and rationality.

The story we wanted to tell

We wanted to show real life, give a much broader view. So for us, the main challenge was to be able to enter into the personal environment of these four customers, to ask for their trust so we could talk about them and their take on how Triodos propose to invest their money.

I wanted to tell the story of real people with real commitments. I wanted to produce sustainable films…

Xavier Martin, film director


Authenticity is essential for a film like this. To achieve this, we planned the shoot several days in advance with the customers. We wanted to work with them to choose some locations and activities that represent their personality, but also their commitment to sustainability. With each person, we tell a short story via their passions and interests. Filming with cinematic lenses also brought a specific mood to the images, emphasising proximity with people.


We wanted people to tell their own stories themselves.  They are talking in the same way they would have told their own story to a friend. We avoided directly showing the customers talking; we only hear them off-screen, speaking over images filmed during different activities. The editing also plays an important role in this feeling of personal connection by giving space to poetic shots. The final touch is the grading to create the right mood.


The film (1’) was broadcast on their own channels (website & social media) and online media. Later on, shorter versions ( 20’’) were broadcast in movie theatres.

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