The Dubois/Vandenbossche family

BNP Paribas Fortis

An introduction to BNPPF's sustainability policy

The Briefing

How do you convince BNP Paribas Fortis employees to take an interest and engage in the bank’s sustainability policy? With a little humor, a good dose of storytelling and a mix of real images and motion design.

The story we wanted to tell

BNPPF’s sustainability policy is structured around 5 themes. We wanted to make these 5 themes as concrete as possible by producing a series of 5 films. We imagined a family, the Dubois/Vandenbossche. Dad, mom, daughter, son and grandmother. Each with their own concerns and hobbies. And this time, the traditional Sunday lunch becomes a little more exciting – no more rehashing the same old stories: today, the Dubois/Vandenbossche explains how they’re going to become more sustainable. And that’s a real eye-opener.

Creating burlesque characters is always a lot of fun.

Laurent Stine, Film Director.

The shooting

To accentuate the quirky, funny side of the situation, we chose to shoot the table scenes in slow motion. This allowed us to parody the boredom generated by the usual Sunday lunchtime discussions. The use of a very short focal length also enhances this sensation. Then, as soon as the big news is mentioned, we go back to real speed and enter the world of BNPPF using an iPad waved by the characters.

Post Production

The live-action sequences are the introductions to each sequence. The body of the message is conveyed entirely in 2D motion design. This allows us to visualize very abstract notions while at the same time keeping in line with BNPPF’s brand image. We developed a genuine animated language with characters and objects created on the basis of the bank’s graphic charter.


The films were initially distributed internally within BNP Paribas Fortis. Given the success of the concept and visuals, they decided to also broadcast them across public channels.
You can discover two of the 5 episodes below.

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