Stronger than you think


The story by Laurent Stine

For several months I had been passing this car park every evening on my way home.
And every time it was almost completely empty. The floors were all lit up. The colourful façade stood out in a motorway no-man’s-land. I was fascinated by the strangeness and beauty of the place.

Think like your are, act like you think.

So I started to imagine a short story. A story of empowerment that mixes reality and fantasy. A very visual story.

I quickly contacted my friend Julien Lambert, director of photography. He was immediately enthusiastic about the project. We developed a tone, an image setting that corresponds to desires we had had for a long time and which can’t always be implemented on the usual commissioned projects.

All that remained was to find the main character. With the production team at DoubleDouble, we went back to our castings of the past few years and rediscovered Noa. She’s from Amsterdam, but surely it’s exciting to come and spend sleepless nights in a car park beside a motorway in Brussels?

The preparation was meticulous. The team was small and we had to shoot in record time because the nights in May are short. We also had to solve a few challenges, such as getting a horse onto the sixth floor of a public car park. And many firsts for Noa: riding a horse bareback, driving a vintage car without ever having driven in her life, walking on 12 cm heels in a cocktail dress in typically Belgian weather… But the adventure took shape thanks to the expertise and determination of a talented team.

The project was not just about shooting. It was also an adventure in post-production, entirely done in-house. Cleaning up the images and adding effects on top of an editing process led by our favourite Marc “Balou” Decoster. The whole thing was soundtracked by our friend Grégory Caron, who immersed himself in the world of techno for the occasion.


We are stronger than we think because we think like we are!

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