Shaping the future


SWIFT is ready for the future

The Briefing

SWIFT is at the heart of the global financial system, helping banks transfer the value that keeps the world’s economies working. Around half of all high-value cross-border payments worldwide use the SWIFT network. Behind every transaction, there is a story that SWIFT helps to develop. And now SWIFT is transforming its platform to be faster, smarter and better.

The story we wanted to tell

This is the second film we’ve produced for SWIFT. Last year we initiated a visual universe based on metaphorical scenes representing the company’s agility. This year we reinforced that universe, and reused the sports metaphors mixed with real stories behind financial transactions.

Silver Dolphin

We won a silver dolphin in the Company Presentation category at the international Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2022.

This time we have also gone a step further by introducing dreamlike sequences that express a state of mind and are part of empowering SWIFT’s visual identity. 

Using this kind of narrative gives us the opportunity to avoid all the traditional financial corporate imagery and be much more cinematographic.

Please, be as epic as possible!

The Client


We have selected four sports, not only for their connotations and associations, but also for their visual qualities. They allowed us to find interesting shooting locations whose atmosphere also becomes part of defining SWIFT’s visual identity. 

We have blended these metaphors with real situations of financial transactions which give us the opportunity to stage different kinds of profiles: BtoC or BtoB. Then we used the dreamlike sequences to help us convey more theoretical messages.

We used a mix of real locations and studio, and recreated epic light atmospheres.


The stories behind each financial transaction serve as a starting point for the narrative. We then make the narrative flow just like SWIFT’s tagline: faster, smarter, better. This tagline initiates the energy of the film through the sports scenes. The editing accelerates. We use the dreamlike scenes to create breaks in the narrative. This construction generates a rhythmic evolution that keeps the viewer’s attention.

We chose to use an inspiring yet intimate very calm, emotional voice-over to break the corporate cliché even more.


The film première was a live broadcast at SIBOS 2021, the international financial event organised each year by SWIFT. Then the film will live on SWIFT’s own website. We have also produced very short versions of the film suitable for social media, in various picture formats.

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