250 Belgian radio stations that follow you everywhere



The Briefing

Radioplayer is an application that lets you listen to over 250 Belgian radio channels via the same platform, wherever you are. To establish its reputation, HeHo agency came up with a concept for a TV campaign.

The story we wanted to tell

Their slogan is “Radioplayer, 250 Belgian radio stations that follow you everywhere”, so why not do it “for real” and have floating radios follow a person around?

Dreaming of flying radios?

We’ve made it!.

“ We wanted to create a dreamlike world in which your radios become your traveling companions.”

Laurent Stine, film director.


During filming, the greatest challenge was to anticipate the integration of 3D radios. The camera movement had to be continuous and similar in all 3 sets, and the actor had to interact with his invisible friends, whistling in time with the music and walking. For greater realism, we preferred to shoot on real sets. We used a particularly daring tracking shot to be fast, agile and to link the four sets in the same day.

Post Production

Once filming was complete, it was time to integrate the radios, made entirely in-house on the basis of visuals from the print campaign already in production. By taking the characteristics of the camera used and reproducing everything in a 3D environment, we managed to give the illusion of radios floating for real around our character.


The film was broadcast on the main French-speaking Belgian TV channels and on social networks.

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