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Vaccination TV campaign

The Briefing

With the onset of winter, the Walloon health agency is launching a vaccination campaign aimed at the most at-risk populations. The objective is to inform targeted audiences about the advices to avoid respiratory infections and complications from the covid and flu viruses. To achieve this, The Crew agency has come up with a concept based on all shared moments with loved ones, friends and family‚Ķ moments that we all missed during the COVID epidemic. What if, this time, we took the lead and didn’t miss a single one?

The story we wanted to tell

There’s nothing like a little humor and good humor to talk about delicate subjects. The visual concept here is based on what you see through the peephole just before ringing the doorbell, those little moments that are both tender and funny. They also enable us to highlight the characteristics of different target groups: the elderly, pregnant women, healthcare workers, etc.

This type of film is like choreography, where the different characters have to synchronize to tell a story in a matter of seconds.

Xavier Martin, Film Director.


The shooting set-up was very simple: two axes and two lenses. The first axis is that of the peephole, which we shot with a fisheye lens. And the second axis is the moment when the group enters the gathering. Three events, three situations, to be directly decoded by the props, sets and costumes. Lighting also plays an important role, highlighting the different friendly moods.

Post Production

The film was produced in different versions: 30 seconds, 15 seconds and 6 seconds, 16:9 and 1:1. In each case, the aim was to get the message across very quickly. That’s why sound also plays an important role. The music and a few exclamations from the characters help to quickly decode the situation. These were entirely recreated in post-production.


The 30-second spot is broadcast on national French-language channels and local Walloon TV stations. An online campaign has also been launched, using short versions of the spot.









We also produced a photograph for the campaign. The photo was taken on the set of the film to take advantage of the presence of the actors and the set.

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