Equal rights for Roma people

TIPIK/DG Justice

Campaign against Roma discrimination

The Briefing

Many Roma in the European Union face serious challenges simply for being Roma. Discrimination against them is still very much alive and often starts from a very young age. Many Roma children are prevented from accessing the same education and support as other European children.
The TIPIK agency asked us to produce a film highlighting this discrimination as part of a campaign initiated by the European Commission.

The story we wanted to tell

We show the journeys of two little girls who see their school careers take completely different directions at a very young age. What if? What if Rahela had been able to follow Alice in her class?

We wanted to stick as closely as possible to reality. For me, it was essential to be able to work with real Roma.

Laurent Stine, film director.


The casting was crucial for us. We wanted the Roma we were going to film to be real members of the Roma community. So we approached and worked closely with Roma families, who we filmed in situations recreated for the film.


This film was conceived as a short film without dialogue. The challenge was to make the viewer understand the situation without needing words – simply looks and emotions.


The film was used by the European Commission as part of an international campaign to raise awareness of the situation of Roma in Europe.

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