Better Together


An employer branding film

The Briefing

Bekaert is one of the largest steel wire producers in the world, operating in more than 45 countries. It’s easy to forget a really important raw ingredient in steel: people. They drive the innovation and solutions that make a difference. Yet some markets are experiencing a real labour shortage and competitors are turning to advertising to attract the right talent. But how do you make steel wire attractive? Simply by talking about the way Bekaert produces it: together.

The story we wanted to tell

We suggested starting with Bekaert’s slogan: Better Together. This is what makes the company stronger, more efficient, better. Dreams grow bigger, and goals grow higher when people work together.

We wrote a narrative introducing a series of characters either facing their own challenges or performing a task (usually carried out by several people) alone.
The second part of the film switches to being Better Together. Other characters join the first one, creating a positive, even victorious energy. They reach their objective thanks to the power of working together.

It was amazing to work with employees of the company for each character of the film.

Laurent Stine, Film Director.


The filming was spread across four countries: Belgium, Chili, China and Slovakia. Our main challenge was the casting, as the client wanted to work exclusively with actual employees. Each scene was written to make a clear difference between working alone and working together. We worked closely with the company’s team in advance to set everything up at a local level. It was important to find locations that could be totally emptied. This was all prepared remotely in order to start shooting once we landed in the country.


The key to the film is the moment it swings from the solitary scenes to showing the same activities being carried out by several people. So it was important to feel just how fundamentally things change at that moment. To achieve this, rhythm and the soundtrack proved to be essential: sound design and music create the atmosphere in the first part. At the moment it pivots, the soundtrack launches the second part.


The film was cut in 5 language versions to be used as part of recruitment campaigns in many of the countries in which the group is active.

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