The energy landscape

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What happens when you flick the switch?

The Briefing

Do you know how electricity gets to your home? Did you ever ask yourself why electricity never runs out? Elia wanted to produce an animation giving clear insights on how the energy landscape is organised, from production to consumer. Elia, as a high voltage electricity distributor, has an important role in this process. 

The story we wanted to tell

As we needed to deliver the message simply and accessibly, we decided the most appropriate way was to use cartoon-style animation. We used 3D animation techniques embedded in a cartoon style. The cartoon hand works as the common theme and gives a more human aspect to the story.

Opening the topic of the energy landscape to a wider audience led us to a more playful - but still didactic - approach.

Cédric Wavreil, Motion Designer.

The creative process

Our starting point for this project was taking the colours from Elia’s guidelines to create a colourful film where objects and environment harmonise.  To give a human touch, we wanted to integrate a hand interacting with the elements of the film. This required major work as we needed to animate all the fingers separately.


The use of 3D allowed us to follow the whole journey of energy with cameras in virtual space. Therefore, we had to calculate precisely the timing of each action at the moment the camera arrives. A lot of work has been done upstream to think about the transitions between the sequences.


The film was broadcast on internal platforms, and addressed to visitors, newcomers, schools and startups with minimal knowledge of Elia.

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