The bank for a changing world

BNP Paribas Fortis

You can’t beat change. But you can join it.

The Briefing

Change in motion, motion in change. BNP Paribas Fortis is an international bank based in Belgium. They contacted us to develop a project called “The Bank for a Changing World”. How could we illustrate the changes that BNP’s clients and prospects were experiencing in a reassuring way?

The story we wanted to tell

The general and abstract nature of the content quickly led us to choose motion design as the right medium for this subject matter.

Fear of change is largely fear of the unknown. In the financial sector this can often be associated with danger, instability and insecurity. But change also means opportunity! This positive approach was at the heart of what our client wanted to express.

We’re big fans of the ways 3D software can be used to create seemingly 2D images. Both from a workflow and an end-result perspective. In terms of possibilities it is just huge.

Rafael, Art Director.

The creative process

We developed our visual style from the client’s brand colours which we used as a basis for a series of high-contrast, flat, geometrical, stroke-based illustrations. This minimalist approach encourages the viewer to focus on each idea as it is presented by the voice-over. The striking, yet gentle graphic choreography pushes the narration towards a conclusive crescendo.

Respecting a brand’s identity is always at the core of our approach. In this case we paid particular attention to the use of colour: carefully selecting hues from the extensive brand palette for each frame, creating harmonious compositions and adding an additional layer of meaning.
The flat, coloured lines, which are the film’s main protagonists, occasionally become 3D adding perspective and keeping the viewer engaged.


This video was shown at specific keynotes and events and is featured on the BNP Paribas Fortis YouTube channel.

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