Promoting cultural heritage

The Briefing

ILUCIDARE is a three-year project to promote cultural heritage as a resource for innovation, mutual understanding and peaceful international relations. It acts as an e-market for cultural heritage-led innovative solutions and support development collaborations to better preserve and promote heritage, especially where it is at risk.

The story we wanted to tell

We wanted to give the animation a dynamic and modern dimension in order to raise awareness to a worldwide community of professionals, associations and institutions linked to cultural heritage.

Diving into centuries of cultural heritage from around the world felt overwhelming but so exciting

C├ędric Wavreil, Motion Designer.

The creative process

Based on the graphical guidelines of ILUCIDARE, we wanted to suggest a modern design by using a mix of different materials. Cultural heritage itself comes in many forms and provides an amazing amount of images we have worked with.

We wanted to enhance the innovative and digital aspect. Therefore, we used 3D scans of art pieces, some visual effects and digital iconography. This was supported by a typographic animation, bright colors and dynamic patterns.


The film was broadcast on their website, social media and as an original introduction at events.

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