Online campaign

The Briefing

Property developer Matexi and bank BNP Paribas Fortis have introduced an innovative concept that enables individuals to own their own home by initially renting it out. In order to launch this project, we created a teaser specifically designed for social networks and an explanatory video for the website. These videos were strategically crafted to generate interest and provide clear information about the concept to potential users.

The story we wanted to tell

Our aim was to discover a straightforward and visually appealing language that would effectively convey information while maintaining an attractive quality. However, we faced a significant challenge as filming was not feasible due to the majority of properties not yet being constructed. To overcome this obstacle, we found the perfect solution: Motion Design! This approach allowed us to create engaging visuals and animations that effectively communicated the desired messages, even in the absence of actual footage.

“By opting for motion design, we were able to create a visually striking universe while remaining faithful to the model homes.”

Athéna de Callataÿ, Head of Motion Design.

The creative process

To bring our vision to life, we employed a paper-cut technique, where images were meticulously cut out, assembled, and animated. This artistic approach allowed us to construct a graphical layer that exudes playfulness and figurative elements. This layer was then skillfully superimposed onto more traditional 2D graphics, resulting in a visually captivating experience. To accentuate the unique identity of the HappyNest brand, we incorporated their distinct color codes, thereby highlighting the universe they represent.

Post Production

The project posed a challenge of seamlessly integrating the houses within a welcoming and relatable environment, while still allowing space for viewers to engage their imagination and envision themselves in that setting. To accomplish this, extensive image research was conducted to discover visuals that perfectly aligned with the narrative we aimed to convey.

This required a great deal of image research, to find those that would match the story we wanted to tell.


The video was released to mark the launch of “Happy Nest” on the Matexi and HappyNest websites, and their respective social networks. This strategic release aimed to generate awareness and engagement among the target audience, effectively introducing them to the concept and encouraging them to explore further on the designated online platforms.

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