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50 years of transactions

The Briefing

To mark its 50th anniversary, Swift asked us to produce a motion design film for broadcast at Sibos 2023, the international finance event held this year in Toronto.

The story we wanted to tell

We produced an animation that scrupulously followed Swift’s graphic guidelines. Key messages are delivered by both text and voice-over.

I love working on this type of film, for which the constraints are such that they allow me to develop a keen sense of graphic metaphor.

Athéna de Callataÿ, Head of Motion Design.

The creative process

Producing this type of film is quite challenging. You have to follow very precise guidelines, which requires a lot of creativity. You have to find visual metaphors that use the codes of the guidelines for each message. Here, nothing is figurative; messages are delivered through visual concepts that express meaning.


The process for this type of production is very precise. First, we work on a storyboard that enables the customer to validate the visual concepts. This storyboard is produced on Procreate, and already presents a very precise rendering. Once validated, we move on to the design of the final images. These are then produced directly in After Effects, ready for animation. Then comes the animation process itself. Despite the final 2D rendering, some scenes are nevertheless produced using 3D tools to create that little wow effect that makes all the difference.


The first use of the film was at Sibos on the Swift stand. We produced a version in a very special image format for this: 10:4. The film was then adapted for broadcast on conventional platforms, and thus brought down to 16:9 format. We also produced a sound version in which the voice is supported by music and sound design.

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