A big step for a small coffee

Charles Liégeois

A generous coffee’s brand.

The Briefing

Café Liégeois is a famous fairtrade Belgian coffee brand. So famous it’s become a little too familiar: a self-reflection on their strong family heritage, together with Hoet&Hoet agency, led to a major rebranding into Charles Liégeois. The new identity and packaging reveal was set to happen on national TV: our mission starts here.

The story we wanted to tell

Aromatics. Warmth. Flavours. Softness. Desire. Since taste and smell can’t (yet) be shared through a screen, our mission was to translate these feelings into animation. To bring Charles Liégeois’ new packaging designs to life. To share the coffee’s attributes with a broad Belgian audience.

The ultimate smoke effect, to feel natural, was the most intricate task to accomplish. Don’t do smoke, kids.

Cedric Wavreil, art director

The creative process

We had to put into images the concept developed by Hoet&Hoet and animate the elements of the packages: we brought their drawings to life, and kept their main colour as a background theme. Dedicated copy was written for each coffee type. The idea was to really bring the packaging experience to life.

Post Production

The packaging’s main attribute – the brushstroke drawings – had to be totally reproduced and developed in 3D. As you can see in our breakdown video below, we played on the perspective effect: viewed from the side, it gives a totally abstract visual. You shift your perspective and you get a lion facing you.

When we produced the clip, the packaging wasn’t printed yet. So for the ending packshot, we had to reproduce the non-existent packaging in the most realistic way. We used digital photogrammetry to photoscan and reproduce a perfect coffee package, on which we applied the Hoet&Hoet new designs.


The four videos we created – one for each flavour – were set to air on television. For the identity reveal to the company and to partners, we also worked on a high-end clever keynote video clip to explain the rebranding and philosophy behind it. Please watch and enjoy!

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