Saint-Luc Foundation

Together to fight cancer!

The briefing

The Saint-Luc Foundation was created during the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Saint-Luc University Clinics in the Brussels region. Since 2014, the Foundation has worked to collect funds in order to create a new cancer and hematology centre in the Saint-Luc University Clinics. It is in this context that the Foundation contacted DoubleDouble to produce a film raising cancer awareness among major donors.

Our Approach

Rather than show ill people, we decided to show people who were well. We produced a cross-portrait of four people who have healed from cancer thanks to the excellence of Saint-Luc’s. In this film there are no sick people, no visits to the hospital but slices of life, testimonies from people who make the most of life and who explain how their healing was the start of a new life.
We spent a lot of time with them, with and without a camera, in order to enter into their personal lives and discover the strength that drives them.