boxx by ENGIE Electrabel

The new boxx TV campaign - your home’s new digital nerve centre.

The briefing

FamousGrey contacted us to produce a series of three fifteen-second tag-ons for the new advertising campaign for boxx: ENGIE Electrabel’s intelligent thermostat. The commercial spots were to be an extension of an existing spot, focusing on the branding. We received three scenarios to create situations in totally different realms.

Our Approach

We created the setting and atmosphere of the three spots in keeping with the existing one with similar movement, similar lighting and similar colour grading. The three spots were filmed in a real setting. We then created a transition between the two spots by means of an overview of the city entirely modelled in 3D. In the end, the two spots constitute a single 45-second story and are broadcast on most of Belgian TV channels and social media. The campaign is a success! You can watch one of the complete TV spots here.