ING - De Doordenkers

The briefing

Havas Worldwide Brussels asked us to create videos for the ‘Doordenkers’ (forward thinkers) campaign. A ‘doordenkertje’ is a story or joke that requires a little thinking before the punch line sinks in. So the title refers to the act of thinking things through, daring to go past the usual approach, to think differently in order to see things with a new perspective. Havas asked 2 entrepreneurs to meet, exchange ideas and inspire each other. To make it more interesting, they brought people from different sectors together in an inspiring location.  

Our Approach

Our role was to capture this encounter in an engaging way, which is why we set it in an inspiring location: an artist’s studio. Each corner of it was used to create a complete journey through the workshop and to script the meeting.

The challenge was to film discretely so as not to interrupt the conversation or thought process. Another challenge: to keep the best quotes from half a day of exchanges, without losing the depth of either the conversation or the inspirational ideas. In other words to reduce some 2 hours of interesting content into a captivating 2-minute video.