ACIS - Professionals with a human touch

Professionals with a human touch.

The briefing

ACIS is an organisation that brings together 80 health centres in Belgium and France. Each one of them is unique, even though they share the same values of respect, humanity and solidarity. For their 40th anniversary, ACIS asked us to make a movie about their very different initiatives and beneficiaries. Our documentary covers the daily life of the people that work for ACIS and those who can enjoy life more fully as a result of their enthusiasm and commitment.

Our Approach

Each section was more than a film; it was an encounter that brought us into the lives of people in precarious situations or that live with physical handicaps. This required a very high level of trust and respect during the shooting. To achieve this, the director and technical crew had to demonstrate a high degree of sensitivity and empathy to win the trust of those they spoke to. The result is a film that is touching and full of humanity.