Fondation Saint-Luc

Fundraising campaign to buy a MRI research lab

The briefing

Nowadays, imagery is at the heart of medical research. Looking inside the human body allows doctors to detect illnesses and it also allows them to see its evolution and to verify the effectiveness of the medicine prescribed. 
The Saint-Luc Foundation has been mandated by the Saint-Luc University Hospitals to raise money to buy the latest MRI research lab. The foundation asked DoubleDouble to produce a film to convince sponsors that funding this is in their best interest.


Our Approach

How do you make a machine attractive? How can you make as many people as possible understand that this machine could save lives? Once again, we decided to tell stories. Those of patients but also those of doctors. Men and women who are ill and thanks to research the vital prognosis was able to evolve. The MRI plays a fundamental role in this research. This is what the researchers and those with the illness talk about, with feeling. We also used a series of visual metaphors to convey emotions which are often a driving force for sponsorship.