Bekaert - Better Together

An employer branding film.

The briefing

Bekaert is one of the largest steel wire producers in the world and exists in more than 45 countries. One of their greatest challenges is recruiting qualified workers. Some markets are experiencing a real labour shortage and companies are turning to advertising to attract applicants. But how can steel wire be made attractive?

Our Approach

We suggested starting with Bekaert’s slogan: Better Together. Together we are stronger, more efficient, better. Together we can fulfil our dreams and meet our goals and challenges.
We wrote a narrative introducing a series of characters either facing their own challenges or performing a task (usually carried out by several people) alone. 
The second part of the film switches to the Better Together. Other characters join the first and a positive, even victorious energy abounds. They reach their objective thanks to tremendous team spirit.
A voice-over tells the story and the film features Bekaert employees from several countries: China, Chile, Slovakia and Belgium.