Delhaize - Picky Kids Campaign

How to give them the taste of fruit and vegetables?

The briefing

AIR Brussels asked DoubleDouble to produce a series of online, TV and cinema commercials with a recurring theme: How can we convince our children to eat fruits and vegetables? The concept? Film workshops where children discover the secrets of fruits and vegetables.

Our Approach

DoubleDouble has organised a casting to find children and parents to participate in the shootings. We then set up the workshops in an adapted environment, and we made scripts for the different situations: preparing vegetables under the eye of the parents, tasting, touching...  Another film portrays children who describe how vegetables grow. These various workshops were filmed in French and Dutch and the children were asked to be as spontaneous as possible. The films were broadcast in different formats (15s, 30s and 60s) on social networks, TV and cinema.  You can watch another spot here