Atlas Copco - Compressed air is everywhere

The Incredible Journey of BigBert

The briefing

We participated in the pitch to promote a flagship product of the multinational Atlas Copco to a B2B audience: industrial compressors. Compressors are large grey boxes used in numerous industrial sectors. Atlas Copco wanted an original, funny, passionate film that also gave the floor to its customers and that showed concrete applications of the compressor in different fields.

The Approach

We created the character BigBert, a passionate employee who decides one day to dedicate his holiday to a great trip around the world to find the compressors he has manufactured in order to understand their use. This trip leads Bert into incredible adventures where his surprising candour generates positive emotions.
We made a genuine short film in which some scenes have been shot in decors built from scratch, but in which most actions take place in the natural settings of the real customers of Atlas Copco.