IT heroes at UZ Leuven

Employer Branding for UZ Leuven’s IT department

The briefing

There is nothing dull about being part of the IT team at University Hospitals Leuven. This movie is proof of that. And it’s what UZ Leuven had in mind when they asked us to make a short film aimed at attracting new talent to its IT department. So we showed how UZ’s developers and IT specialists are the everyday heroes contributing to saving people’s lives. 

Our Approach

To show what the impact of the IT department on the care for patients looks like we wrote a parallel story with both groups. DoubleDouble casted real hospital employees for the leading roles. They are in the best place to convince interested job seekers. So our crew interviewed them in their natural habitat and illustration shots show the different aspects of their job. On screen animations highlight how the hospital keeps track of: the patient’s location, taken medication and the patient’s record in the operation room.