ENGIE Electrabel - Slag heap of Hénâ

Moving mountains, literally.

The briefing

What better way than a video to showcase ENGIE Electrabel’s unique rehabilitation project at the slag heap of Hénâ? Our actors: a huge construction site, a 1,8 km long conveyor belt that transports tons of ashes from the former coal industry, the neighboring village and the green site the slag heap will soon become. 

Our Approach

To capture the impressive scale of the project, DoubleDouble couldn’t resist deploying its drone camera capabilities. Moving through the sky, our drone snapped quite a few breathtaking views, including straight through the pillars of the conveyor belt, and vertigo-inducing panoramas of the sprawling construction site  Furthermore, to explain ENGIE Electrabel’s project in a crystal-clear way, we modelled the entire Hénâ site in 3D, allowing us to fully visualize the valley in its  past, present and future situation.